Re: End of Philo Farnsworth at ITT
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Thanks Richard - It's a sad ending. And a reminder that frequently people with good even great minds, ideas and generous personalities do not receive reciprocal treatment.

The real tragedy is that the injustice seems to have conquered Phil. In reality, the transfer of his role as the scientific resource at ITT, to others, did not diminish his actual contributions nor change the facts of how they had all gotten to that stage of development. It would have been a crowning achievement had ITT succeeded with the IEC program. What we will not ever know with certainty is whether Phil's continued presence at the lab would have brought that success.

Very much appreciate your sharing the information. Perhaps the continued generosity among all the experimenters that report their experimental work and discuss its significance here, will ultimately prevail and bring the IEC technique to a practical and successful conclusion.

Dave Cooper

Created on Friday, May 25, 2001 3:17 AM EDT by David Cooper