FAQ - NO! Flyback/TV/transformers, Ignition coils

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FAQ - NO! Flyback/TV/transformers, Ignition coils

Post by Richard Hull » Mon Feb 23, 2015 7:56 pm

FACT ...None of the transformers noted in the title will power a fusing, neutron producing, fusor when worked by common hands.

All of the advertisements for 40kv+ power supplies that use these types of transformers are great, if all you need is voltage, but are totally incapable of supplying the current needed to do fusion. Fusion is not only about voltage. You need current at that voltage to do fusion.

With all the above being said, A special, unusually large flyback of some special type, in the right hands of an electronically adroit and experienced high voltage builder, might, just might, be able to do barely detectable fusion. Common TV, computer monitor and other older flyback transformers cannot be made to do fusion. Period!!

Likewise, the special large and expensive racing type automobile spark coils (Accel and others), can't be made to do fusion either due to the similar limiting factors of current noted above.

So very many people are sucked into this high voltage - high current trap. Flybacks can't produce real current at real voltage. No one bothers to look into the watts input from the little supply that commonly powers these high voltage supply offerings versus actual loaded watts output from the offered high voltage power supply!

Fusors need about 500 watts of power to produce easily detected fusion with less than optimum neutron detection methods. If the current draw or demand from any wall outlet powered supply in less than 500 watts, it will not do fusion for the rank amateur.

A good high voltage supply that can do easy, minimal fusion would demand 25kv @ 20ma (500 watts) or better still, 35kv @15ma (525 watts) that is AT THE FUSOR HV terminal!! Assuming 85% efficiency within the supply, itself, this means the wall outlet is supplying a continuous 620+ watts!

No whimpy supplies allowed in the fusion world.

Do not waste your money on any of the above advertised items in an attempt to make your own high voltage power supply. (If you want to do fusion)

Update 2020: With the advent of the smaller fusor, i.e. small conflat crosses, some adroit and successful efforts at fusion have used as little as 25kv and 5ma to do fusion. Some very large and strong Ignition coils, if properly driven electronically with a sufficient voltage doubler might do fusion. Accel extra heavy duty ignition coils for racing purposes might suffice if brought to bear by knowledgable persons in electronics.
Modern "beefy" flytbacks while very capable, all have internal diodes and output only positive voltages with respect to ground and remain on the "No" list

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