High Voltage Source

This forum is for specialized infomation important to the construction and safe operation of the high voltage electrical supplies and related circuitry needed for fusor operation.
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Aidan Kehoe
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High Voltage Source

Post by Aidan Kehoe » Mon Feb 24, 2014 4:18 pm

I've tried to find a high voltage power source on the internet. I've also contacted the local dentist to see if they had a x-ray transformer to spare. Unfortunately, this was all fruitless because I haven't been able to find one. Can anyone refer me to a website on which they procured their high voltage source?

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Richard Hull
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Re: High Voltage Source

Post by Richard Hull » Mon Feb 24, 2014 6:27 pm

A large percentage of folks make their own supplies, especially for demo fusors. Dentists never throw out an x-ray supply! They send it off to be fixed. Once at the reapir place they may be told it is too old, no parts, or it is beyond economical repair...........The repair place then throws out old x-ray supplies....Not dentists or hospitals!

Use your phone book or the internet to locate an x-ray sales/service point in your city, if it is big enough. Go there, in person, and ask if they ever throw out old dead X-ray supplies. That's what I did and it payed off within a month. A free supply with bad vacuum tube kenotron tubes that were no longer available. The place here in my town, junks them all the time. I have about three x-ray supplies just sitting here as spares and finally had to tell them to stop calling me. If you have no electronic skills, you may not be able to repair or bring a dead supply back to life.

Note* I am a grown man and chatted up the folks at the sale/repair station. I told them I was an experienced electronic engineer that knew high voltage and worked with it all the time. It was a match made in heaven as they have to pay to throw them out due to possible PCB oil concerns, which would never concern me. They left it outside in back and told me to pick it up after hours. In this manner, it just disappeared before it could be properly disposed of without their knowledge, ostensibly.

Right now, any negative HV supply that shows up on the internet is usually snapped up by one of our fusioneers or by someone in dire need of a negative supply for some other purpose. I dare say the ratio of HV supply manufactureing of positive output to negative output in our voltage range is 100:1. So they are a very rare bird right out of the chute, even new. Good luck.

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