True plasma ring toroid - simple for the amateur

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True plasma ring toroid - simple for the amateur

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This URL is rather trivial, but interestingly unique in the sense that a true rather stable plasma ring toroid is generated in the rarified gas!
Sort of what they are doing in the tokamak.
But, wait!!
As you might imagine this won't work at fusion energies and the tokamak is indeed excited by RF energy as is this little toy.

I have followed this guy's toroidal ring plasma iterations in his journey to ultimate understanding, at least, to a level that gets him where he wants to be. The video is worth watching with the caveat that this will not do fusion in a scale up due to increased power needed due to the currents delivered to the plasma to achieve fusion would, due to pulsed Amperian currents, break the ring up into individual current elements destroying the ring. This is why the tokamak needs the super toroidal magnetic fields to fight this natural effect in any plasma where currents within the plasma tend to destroy it.

This fellow is like us, working on the razors edge of a usefully stable plasma condition, whereas we are working against a thermal electron runaway from the cathode to the anode while achieving fusion at a balance point of power delivered to the plasma and fusion versus electron runaway, (nearly infinite current demand through the gas.)

A rather fascinating balance of RF energy turned into a stable ring plasma current.

Richard Hull

P.S. For those endeavoring to watch his earlier efforts. Observers note the appearance of beads in the unstable ring, moving ring. These are due to the fact he is delivering too much current, (RF energy), to the ring where the Amperian current elements are forming to a level of visual perception but not to the level of destroying the ring, but just making it gyrate around a bit. Pressure of the gas-vs-energy delivery in perfect balance = a floating ring.

Does the spherical dielectric glass globe assist here? Would a spherical metal chamber do this? Could this be done in a square chamber? Are electrostatics involved even with an RF drive?

Never discount electrostatics in a pulsed, stable gas plasma where uniformly placed dielectrics are present.

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