A new Italian is here

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Thomas Branchesi
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Real name: Thomas Branchesi
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A new Italian is here

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Hello everyone,

my name is Thomas and I am an 18 yo highschool student from Italy with the ambition of becoming a future physicist.

I wanted to build a fusor for a long time but only a few days ago I really started working hard to make it happen.
On the internet you can find things that are often unclear or imprecise about fusors and now you guys can't understand how excited I am to have found the existence of this site, a pure source of knowledge free to all those who want to build one, fantastic!

Anyway I am open to cooperation and discussion, talking about problems, solutions and ideas.
If you are looking for a "work colleague" or give me advice and/or suggestions, I will be happy to read your messages.
Thomas Branchesi / @mondonucleare
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Fabrizio Branchesi
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Real name: Fabrizio Branchesi

Re: A new Italian is here

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Finally, landed here me too.
-- expect the unexpected
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