MKS 901P Transducer Echoing But Not Replying to Commands

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MKS 901P Transducer Echoing But Not Replying to Commands

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Hello all!

After my last question, I have bought and am beginning to experiment with an MKS 901P transducer gauge with a DB-15 serial interface. I am powering it with 9V and have tested that its analog output works perfectly and has even bottomed out when attached directly to my turbopump.

I have had some trouble getting serial communication working, though. I am using a usb to DB9 converter (with an FDTI chipset) plugged into my laptop and am running two wires from that DB9 to the communication pins on the 901P. I have tried using both puTTY and ScriptCommunicator and have gotten the device to echo keystrokes both times, but it has not responded to commands sent at any baud rate.

I don't really know where to go from here, and would appreciate any advice that you can give.

Thank you!
Max E.
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