Interesting Farnsworth Article

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Dennis P Brown
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Interesting Farnsworth Article

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The article is found from this link. Beware, it is truthful about why he was unsuccessful and might not be very agreeable for some people. ... ulous-day/
Jon Rosenstiel
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Re: Interesting Farnsworth Article

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Link to the Dr. X “I’ve Got a Secret” video.

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Re: Interesting Farnsworth Article

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The story of the Farnsworth's watching the Apollo 11 landing is recounted in my book. I posted the chapter to Medium on the occasion of the 50th anniversary: ... d9c178f4b6

The link that Jon posted is from my YouTube channel. Sorry the quality isn't better, but it was posted 15 years ago and I'm not even sure now how to access the original. There are some other interesting videos there, all equally fuzzy.

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