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Can you buy your way into the neutron club?...Elite status?

Posted: Fri Mar 11, 2022 8:33 pm
by Richard Hull
The answer is Yes! Most definitely! Money talks as loud and as reliably as a major struggle over time, highly successful scrounging, doing your own machining and welding and manufacturing your own high voltage supply. These latter skill demonstrations merely show prowess, talent, verve and skills.

The only thing that can keep you out of the neutron club is being a professional making gainful employ in the effort for a person or entity financing the effort.

Money can move a project along smartly for someone with money supplied by a parent or sponsor. All that is required is that the supplied materials to the would-be fusioneer, be assembled and used by the fusioneer and that they receive no compensation from the sponsor for their time or labor.

A very active, well funded person can easily gain "elite" status by using their assembled fusor to do and record activation, indicating that they are actively experimenting with their device.

I hope this clarifies for all that money can be a "buy-in" here. There is nothing wrong with this path at all.

Richard Hull