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The Rules! - for posting in the "wanted" section postings

Posted: Thu Nov 04, 2021 1:39 pm
by Richard Hull
This "Wanted" area is always to be kept tiny. Here are the rules

1. If you want something, post your needs.
2. If no one replies with a response within 60 days, I will erase your want posting. YES! That means you will have to put it back up or go to #3 below....
3. if you do not get a response but want you post to remain for another 60 days, reply to your own post with the following text body....."I still have the need and still want this item"
4. #3 above will boost you want back to the top of the heap and alert me to not erase it.
5. If you get what you want, reply with the text...."I got it. please delete this want post thread."

To all respondents... do not start a long reply thread that will not help the person get what they want. A helpful URL where they might get the items is always welcome.
The wanted section is not a rolling discussion forum for continuing posted replies!

If you haven't obtained what you want in several months, no one has it for sale. If they do have what you want, they want to keep it.

Richard Hull