Fusor V construction - the process long running

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Richard Hull
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Fusor V construction - the process long running

Post by Richard Hull » Tue Jan 14, 2020 1:44 am

This will be a long running and updated postings as replies to show the progression of my work on this effort.

1. The first image is the chamber I plan on using for fusor V.

2. Before construction there is, first, destruction. The second image is the mess created as I tore down the old fusor IV system.
A new coat of paint on the table was much needed. Not seen is the Leybold diff pump. I have already boxed it as my standby pump. I was stunned when I took it apart. It was installed with 60cc of silicon oil in July 2004 and has never been opened or had the oil changed since then. Now, over 15 years later, the oil was as clear as water. The interior and the jet stack were clean, like the day I installed it! Wow! I merely dumped the oil and loaded the pump with acetone and let it sit for overnight, dumped the acetone and wiped every thing down, then stored it away. It took from Saturday to Monday to do all this destruction and storage of the diff pump. The mess remains.

The weather from Friday through Monday has been like an "Indian spring"! January in the 70's!! I used this time to finally get to work on fusor V. The big chill will return soon. In future, the work will be more incremental as the unheated lab is no place to work for extended periods during a cold snap.

3. The last image is a test of just the mechanical pump, my old precision 5 CFM with no change of oil close to the head. 8 microns on an old used pump that was seized up when I bought it 21 years ago at a hamfest for $25.00. I have never opened it up. Not bad and it is obviously good to go. I did change the oil about 8 months ago. More as I advance on the build.

Richard Hull
Pix1 - chamber.JPG
Pix2 - destruction.JPG
Pix3 - mech pump.JPG
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Dennis P Brown
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Re: Fusor V construction - the process long running

Post by Dennis P Brown » Tue Jan 14, 2020 5:36 pm

Fusor IV was a great device and provided many people (myself, included) a chance to see a high neutron fusor operate. But I agree its is time to move on and test new ideas so as to enable the continued development of new fusor ideas.

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