0-200 V, 200 V Pulsed Power Supply Units

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Joshua Guertler
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0-200 V, 200 V Pulsed Power Supply Units

Post by Joshua Guertler » Fri Jan 10, 2020 6:40 pm


I've been looking for a couple of power supplies to bias and power my thyratron for my fusor. Unfortunately, the thyratron is quite old and requires some relatively obscure power supply units.

I was curious if anyone would happen to have and be will to sell the following items:

0-200 VDC power supply (minimum of 50 mA)

0 - (-200) VDC negative voltage power supply (minimum 50 mA)

At least 6.3 VDC 22 A power supply (minimum of 22 A)

At least 200 V pulsed power supply (200 V pulse has width of at least 0.4 uS, rise time of at least 1.5 kV per uS).

If you would be interested in selling one of these, please email me at guertlerj21@barringtonschools.org or PM me. Thank you.

Joshua Guertler

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Re: 0-200 V, 200 V Pulsed Power Supply Units

Post by ian_krase » Sat Jan 11, 2020 4:07 am

22 amperes? That seems like a huge amount of current.

The 200V power supplies should be fairly simple since many people sell power supplies in this range meant for building vacuum tube equipment.

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Rich Feldman
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Re: 0-200 V, 200 V Pulsed Power Supply Units

Post by Rich Feldman » Sat Jan 11, 2020 4:13 am

Yeah, and the 22 amp supply must be for thyratron filament.
You can get that almost for free, as alternating current, by rewinding the secondary of a MOT (or any other transformer of at least 150 VA size).
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