Fusor V gathering parts

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Fusor V gathering parts

Post by Richard Hull » Sun Nov 24, 2019 11:43 pm

I now have a chamber!!

I had to dig for it. I knew I had it, but where did I put it?? Found it!

This is a 6 way 2.75 CF cross. I picked it up at HEAS conference 2018's flea market sale in my yard from UMD Tim Koeth's massive vacuum bonanza table of bits and pieces. I have the blank offs and other pieces from this years 2019 HEAS big event. I picked all these up from Warren Ellingsen's huge vacuum offerings. the cross was $45.00 in 2018 and the used blank offs were $10 each this year.
I attach an image of the MDC cross. The arms are 1.5" tubing and each of the 3 opposite arms has one fixed and one rotatable flange.

As per my usual performance, I will drag this out to some yet to be determined point and then, in a feverish, unexplainable burst of activity, have it all done and running.

Richard Hull
Cross 6-way.JPG
$45.00 6-way Conflat cross should be fusor V's chamber.
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