New Fusor Build - Finley Blaine

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Finley Blaine
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New Fusor Build - Finley Blaine

Post by Finley Blaine » Mon Jul 08, 2019 4:32 pm

I am now starting the planning of a fusor. Overall the aim is to produce a real, neutron producing fusor but of course i will build a demo fusor first. I will try and make as many parts for the demo fusor usable on a real fusor so to not make parts twice and will make the design modular to allow for easy modification.

I must thank Justin Fozzard, on saturday we spent some hours at his where he gave me lots of advice and helped out with some parts to get the project going.

Lots of the parts had to be dismantled to get in the car:

Included in the parts are some diffusion pumps:

Roughing pumps

Gauges, power supplies and other misc. components.

There are lots of other parts not pictured, this post would get too long, but they will be posted as they are used.

In addition to this, as i was looking for a GM counter, he gave me two faulty ones he had with the hope that i could fix them. This included one chinese import detector which arrived with a broken screen, and a GMC-300E plus that used to work but now would only flicker when the power button was pressed. After some probing with a multimeter and a scope i found that the power button dome switch had some corrosion and therefore had contact and bounce problems, so couldn't maintain a stable connection. As to turn on the counter the power button needs to be held down for 3 seconds, it couldn't turn on. After some cleaning the contacts, it works perfectly.

Again, big thanks to Justin Fozzard, now lots of the hard to source components are sorted.

Justin Fozzard
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Re: New Fusor Build - Finley Blaine

Post by Justin Fozzard » Tue Jul 09, 2019 12:03 pm

Best of luck with your fusor project, Finley, I was glad to help and look forward to seeing the results of your efforts posted here.

I'm pleased that you managed to get the Geiger counter working and hope that you will find it useful.


Justin Fozzard

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Dennis P Brown
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Re: New Fusor Build - Finley Blaine

Post by Dennis P Brown » Tue Jul 09, 2019 11:25 pm

Agreed - good luck with your build. Focus on the vacuum system since that is the backbone for your future fusor. A Geiger counter isn't useful until you get a power supply that is fusion grade (i.e. can create x-rays) but your know-how in fixing it is an excellent start!

Do consider a smaller, four-way cross as a fusor chamber - these components can often be obtained cheap if one keeps a lookout on e-bay or can go to ham-fest's and the like.

Obvious, a proper power supply will be on your radar but a nice NST can be used for a demo and is a much safer way to get high voltage experience. If you get diodes, do consider ones that can handle full fusor voltages and currents - these are still very cheap (Chinese on ebay) and work with a NST very well but does allow one to upgrade the power supply later to real fusor voltages/power.

Ditto on seeing future posts of your progress.

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