Neutron Club - Rules for claiming fusion

Here we keep a running list of the people who are actively engaged in the pursuit of fusion
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Neutron Club - Rules for claiming fusion

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This was originally a FAQ in the construction forum.
FAQ: Neutron Club - Process for claiming fusion
This iteration of "the rules" is active as of March 2019

Neutron production is the normal indicator of deuterium fusion. This is the form of "proof of fusion" normally undertaken and accepted here by amateurs. As such, the following are the criteria for being admitted to the Neutron Club... (successful fusion)

1. We should have seen a natural progression in past images and postings of your efforts that would lead successful fusioneers to expect your results. (90 day pre-history of postings)
2. A separate posting of your "claimant's data collection run" must be made in either (Image du jour) or this forum (Fusor Construction and Operation). Such a posting must have the following...

a. Images of the fusion setup and detection instrumentation, but most importantly, a clean color image of the poissor while actually fusing. We
will also demand an image of the claimant standing by his fusion system.
b. The time duration of the "continuous" data collection run. (note: fitful starts and stops over a measurement period are not allowed.)
c. A statement of the actual deuterium pressure within the fusor during the fusion run. (normally very stable)
d. A statement of the actual voltage applied to the fusor during the run (often an average over a narrow range)
e. A statement of the current supplied during the fusor run (again, often an average over a narrow range)
f. Images and details of any neutron detection gear with results, such as.....
1. BTI bubble count with the BTI calibration or binning stated (bubbles/mr)
2. Clear images of a meter face with needle indicating legible numbers on analog neutron meters.
3. A counter readout if using a scaler/counter arrangement that is digital.
4. Activation results with images of the moderator setup and GM counts or gamma spectrogram of gamma peaks. (rare and just not normally done on a first pass entry by any amateur as their neutron levels are just too low and minimal to do any sort of activation work)

3. We prefer that the youngest claimant be of high school age. If anyone younger than this applies, special vetting and extra verification will need to be supplied. There will never be a youngest fusioneer cache applied if accepted, nor will the age be given in the listing.

4. Important - While much of the ancillary support gear, (power supply, neutron detection electronics, etc.), may be purchased ready for use and not be hand assembled, The fusor reaction vessel, pulse vessel, or whatever core source which actually produces the fusion must be hand crafted and assembled by the applicant for inclusion in the neutron club. We will not accept "plug and play" fusors, manufactured neutron tubes or any other completed fusion system obtained through simple purchase or gift. A pre-existing fusor system with a young child posing in front of it will also not be acceptable. The path to fusion must come through an effort to craft a complete fusion system of individual pieces assembled piece-meal by the hands of the amateur applicant or an amateur group that is self funded or part of a scholarly effort where all were involved from the beginning of a project to have fusion as their stated goal.

While seeing, (images), is often believing, data that is consistent with actual fusion is still the larger part of obtaining induction into the neutron club. We will not accept images alone. We will not accept data alone.

Much like sitting for a degree, questions may be asked by any neutron club member in reply and should be answered in subsequent replies by the applicant so that any issues might be cleared up. Any one of the above criteria that is missing or extremely out of line with common experience may be a reason for further demands and questions. Such omissions will stop induction until supplied. Any neutron club member might object to induction "for cause", but he must be supported by his peers in such an effort.

The peer review process is looked at by folks who have done fusion and know fusion. We know what it takes in every facet of operation in a fusor. We know the range of voltages and related currents at various pressures. We know a fusion image when we see it and it jibes with the reported pressures and voltage/current figures.

The above minimal criteria are easily met by any serious and determined person and are part of the normal and natural progression towards fusion in the acquisition of gear and instrumentation during the extended effort.

While fusion itself is easy by the telling and saying or in theory, It is not a trivial task for the average person to achieve without considerable effort and expenditure in time and treasure. Not many will ever attempt it and only a select few will ever attain it. The select few must suffer some form of minimal vetting, (outlined above), to be inducted into our group of fusioneers.

Note....................New conditional acceptance policy December 2016...........

On rare occasions, an applicant has given a suitable report, but due to a number of factors, (unstable operation, results that demand some further submissions, etc.), The name will not be added to the neutron club until more work is done to the satisfaction of a critical review. However, in the "recent additions" at the top of the fusioneer listing his name will be entered under conditional status for entry into the neutron club listing. Such conditional review status will remain for 90 days and then taken down if the conditional applicant cannot satisfy a critical review within that period. It is assumed that upon initial application and conditional acceptance that the applicant is at a "peak" of activity and further proof will be rather immediately forthcoming.

For an example of what might be an acceptable example go to...


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