Anti-matter does not exhibit Anti-gravity

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Dennis P Brown
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Anti-matter does not exhibit Anti-gravity

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So, it has been experimentally shown that neutral anti-matter hydrogen falls normally in a gravitational field.

See: ... nward.html
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Richard Hull
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Re: Anti-matter does not exhibit Anti-gravity

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The fact that they have mass in our plane of existence means they fall if they have the resident anti-electron to make them neutral atoms. Still, they are all doomed to annihilation. A no brainer.
Neutrons drop like stones as well, bounce around on the ground until slowed and activates some hapless atom or, if not, will suffer their half-life decay to a high speed electron and a lumbering proton until it can snatch an electron somewhere in its journey to become a hydrogen gas atom.

Nature abhors a free neutron as much as the nucleus covets and shields it in a stable atom. Even all naturally radioactive elemental isotopes up to the fertile and fissile elements never emit a neutron in normal decay. Beta decay involves spiting out a beta particle to make a new elemental isotope out of one of its neutrons breaking up, internally.

Richard Hull
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Frank Sanns
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Re: Anti-matter does not exhibit Anti-gravity

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What is in a name? Names often give a bias about understanding the concept.

Take the imaginary number i. Are there real numbers and imaginary numbers? They are called such and can be graphed, added, rotated, etc.. So are they real or imaginary since the same operations can be done with both?

Similarly, matter can have a trait called charge, spin, moment, etc.. Again, these are arbitrary names giving to a trait.

Anti matter is not anti gravitational or anti momentum matter. It is just matter with particular traits. It is naming of the trait that causes the bias to think it will behave differently to gravity.

It is all in the name. The wrong name. It is not negative mass matter. It is matter with another trait.
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