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Michael Driscoll
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I'm New to Posting Here

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I'm Michael Driscoll from Leesburg, Va USA. I'm 69, retired, and interested in Nuclear Physics. I'm slightly interested in fusors as I like reading about them but will not make one myself. I am interested in atoms and their full sized components like electrons, protons, and especially neutrons. I was initially a Chemistry major but soon was stopped by my poor learning skills and Calculus and Organic chem. I found the computer in 1974 and got right into micro processor programming and I knew I found what I was good at.

Now that I'm not working I am exploring Geiger counters, neutron sources and detection, and lately gamma spectroscopy.

I have been reading threads on here for over a year.

I have a lead castle, a polyethylene castle, a GammaSpectacular 2" spectroscopy setup, lots of Geiger and Neutron tubes. I have a Hantec DSO4102C o'Scope. I have some NIM Bins and modules that I never got to work. I have a RadiaCode 101 and a BetterGeiger scintillator Geiger counter and a GammaScount and a Terra P+ and dozens of Chinese Geiger boards and tubes.

I have, I'm pretty sure, detected Neutrons from a Po/Be NucleSpot source with one of GammaSpectacular's Scmitt-Triggers and an SI19N tube, one of those GE BF tubes, and one of Maximus Energy's Neutron-Lite devices.

A friend built me a really, really nice Peltier Cloud Chamber.

I have programmed an Arduino ESP32 to count impulses and display them on a web site via WiFi. I made a three Geiger tube Cosmic Ray/Muon detector out of my own head and have enough wood left over to make another one, to paraphrase one of my Dad's old standby jokes.

I am interested in X-Rays some, too.

I also have had type one Diabetes for 66 years and it's taking a severe toll. I have a kidney and two pancreas transplants. I am in a hurry to do all the things I am interested in before it's too late. I have been happily married to a really smart and incredibly tolerant woman for 47 years. I hope to make it 50. I am very happy.

I am, as we speak, activating gold foil and getting a spectrum of it with looking for Au198 activity in mind.

Mike D.
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