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Baraa Al-Zaidi
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Baraa is online

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Hello fellow members of the forum!
My name is Baraa and I am 17 year old boy with ever lasting curiosity for how the world works. I chose this journey to reaching fusion after I realized that it would be the best 'one-up' during conversations. My main interest and fixation currently is Chemistry and nuclear physics. My other interests include politics and music. My music taste is very broad. I like the genres: Psychedelic pop/rock (Tame Impala), Experimental Hip-hop (DeathG), Disco, and Alternative Metal.
My only knowledge of the world of science is on a mere AP chemistry class level. I hope that people on this forum can help me change that!
I hope I get to make friends with like minded individuals.
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Re: Baraa is online

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Welcome, Baraa.

I do hope you find some useful info here and, perhaps more importantly, some friends to join you on the journey.

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