Who's Next?

Compilations of the works of significant long term members of the site. Induction into this area is by long term contribution and by nomination only.
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Frank Sanns
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Who's Next?

Post by Frank Sanns »

There are others that need to be added here. So lets start adding. My magic mirror sees, two more candidates in no particular order, Joe Gayo, Mark Rowley..........

A few others come to mind but lets hare some nominations from the members.
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Re: Who's Next?

Post by Matt_Gibson »

I vote for Finn Hammer.

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Richard Hull
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Re: Who's Next?

Post by Richard Hull »

I vote for all of them! We have the legacy folks up now, let us get the low down on the rest the movers and shakers who have done, in a short time, legacy worthy work. Create their space and let them fill it at will. I lost all my images, but restored them yesterday.

The key thing guys, is tell us all about yourself so that you are not just some superb fusioneer and active poster in our minds. Give us a bit of your history use Jon, Frank and my own missives as a directional idea launch pad. What are your hobbies? Family composition, if any, etc. Make yourself appear human rather than some distant tech geek that we have come to know via your posts.

Let's just do it! Thanks for the push Frank....

Richard Hull
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Dennis P Brown
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Re: Who's Next?

Post by Dennis P Brown »

I agree with that list (all those people) and hope they respond - those three have gone so far and above 'average' work here that they have really set the bar to an impressive level (no disrespect for those here that 'just' do average work - that is me, in a nutshell; uh, no pun intended ;) )
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