Good morning from Austria

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Harald Holzapfel
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Real name: Harald Holzer

Good morning from Austria

Post by Harald Holzapfel »

Good morning from Austria. I would like to introduce myself briefly. My name is Harald Holzer. I have been reading here for some time, but never found the time to actively participate.
I have studied chemistry and physics a long time ago. Since my student days, I have been interested in measuring radioactivity and collecting and repairing - mainly older, decommissioned instruments, but also new ones.
Unfortunately, my bread-and-butter job takes up a lot of my time, so I can only devote myself to my hobbies on an irregular basis.
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Richard Hull
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Re: Good morning from Austria

Post by Richard Hull »

Welcome. It can be hard to find time for in depth hobby efforts when one is hard at work trying to pay bills, etc. Give the effort what time you have that meets your needs.

As you may have noticed I do a lot of restoration on old radiation measurement instruments. It is a fun hobby in retirement.

Richard Hull
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Re: Good morning from Austria

Post by Paul_Schatzkin »

Hi Harald,

Thanks for getting yourself squared away here.

I hope you find some use for all the info here.

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