They Finally Found A Good Use for ITER!

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They Finally Found A Good Use for ITER!

Post by Paul_Schatzkin »

... as the backdrop for a Vanity Fair fashion shoot! ... gh-fashion

I don't think this one is behind a paywall, not that you'd care to read past the first paragraph.

"I think by now, you know the difference between magnetic fusion and inertial fusion,” Gabriela Hearst says to me as she toggles through images of industrial blueprints on her phone. It’s a question one might expect to hear in a course on plasma physics—or at least the physics pop quiz of this word person’s nightmares. But no, we’re in Hearst’s sunny New York design studio, settling in to discuss the spring-summer collection from Chloé, where she has held the role of creative director since 2020."

Screen Shot 2022-11-23 at 5.30.43 PM.png

And this thing has cost how many billion$?

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Re: They Finally Found A Good Use for ITER!

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I read the whole thing! She is one of the truly "beautiful people" looking to save the planet via fusion boosting and pointing fashion that way. Beautiful for seeing all the value in a technology that has for years promised so much and delivered nothing. No energy and no near term probability of success beyond more hope which is always free, in and amongst those sucking on the fusion money tit. Followed on by the fusion limited lay of beautiful people who wish for an equally beautiful tomorrow in a world growing ever more devoid of common sense, logic and reason.

Thanks for this fresh look at how the beautiful people contribute continued hope for a beautiful tomorrow based on technologies they have no real knowledge of, but are hailed within their own community as not only beautiful to the point of stellar brilliance but as being "involved" in such a far reaching and promising technology beyond anyone else in their fashion community.

More and more "startup" fusion efforts outside of the main stream are hitting the internet highway of free advertising and self-aggrandizing promises of "super real-soon now" fusion success promises. Forget 30 years off! Some promise 5 years to end of decade working fusion successes with money pouring in from folks with more money than fusion background knowledge. A rich man or a hedge fund and its money are fusion startups' best friend. The mushroom effect is in full tilt mode. "Feed 'em a lot of s**t and keep 'em in the dark". Make sure to "Suppe" them..( historical player). Rent a large industrial size building, use some of the money to stuff it with impressive fusion related kit and look busy while promising much if you just had a bit more money.

I was very impressed and amused at the folly of mankind spread over many facets of business that sees itself as "involved" and ever "forward thinking".

One may retort, "At least they are doing something! Putting their money where their dreams are pointed toward!". I would return saying, "How long will the money and the dreams hold out on these startups". The world is no longer a paying, pure research positive place. The old Bell Lab mentality is dead! The world is a quick return on the money, sure thing, outcome place. If you can "organ grind" on a startup long enough to enrich yourself before the money walks away tired of the tune you are grinding out, you are ahead of the game. Fusion promises cost money.

“all hope abandon ye who enter here”

Richard Hull
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