I have never introduced myself here! - the station keeper

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I have never introduced myself here! - the station keeper

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I just realized, I never introduced myself in this forum or in any forum for that purpose. Yet I have been here in the fusor-fusion sense for 24 years!
If you would know more about me check out a long and tedious bio here.


At 76 years old, I am a station keeper. I am too old to do much advanced work. I now leave that to the younger crowd. What I do and have done is create a stable, operational fusor platform. I can do fusion up to and a bit over the mega mark for anyone who wishes to visit and see how a real stable fusor operates. Hundreds of visitors, young and old, have seen my fusor work, yearly, at the HEAS event in October, since 2000. (the first year of fusor III) Many college groups have also appeared for demos. Many individuals, with advance notice, have made special visits when in my area.

All who visit can ask questions and see every piece of hardware and electronics in full operation from tune up and startup to neutron detection, fusion. They may even witness neutron activation of metals. This is station keeping and I am the station keeper, docent, and lecturer of old....very old.

Richard Hull
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