A call on the "perfesser"... Give us a history

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A call on the "perfesser"... Give us a history

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A very few here know the full story of fusor.net, or about the Farnsworth Chronicles on songs, the fusor sub-inclusion on songs, the intranet site and finally here.

Among the longest old boys here, you will see the earliest sign up is 2001. Fusor discussion, thanks to the perfesser, (AKA Paul Schatzkin / with a Z), originated and all of this actually began 3 years earlier.

Paul, why don't you put this in the Farnsworth Archive history forum in your own words. Currently, as I have noted here before, Fusor.net is a bit off your original projected path, but what you started is still extant and a fixture on the internet now. Give us your personal slant, feelings and thoughts on just those years from the Farnsworth Chronicles creation to how you added the fusion sub forum there and how the end of songs.com got you to form up the highly specialized and isolated fusion/fusor related site on the intranets. We all realize you could have just dropped the idea. What made you start up the intranet section that is really why fusor.net is what it is today. You lit a match in a way no one else did and created a roaring fire.

Richard Hull

P.S. Paul all your images in the trailhead and the waterstar posting are gone. Just saying....

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