Cube Fusor Chamber For Sale 3.38” $1200 OBO

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Cube Fusor Chamber For Sale 3.38” $1200 OBO

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So I just don’t see myself having the time to optimize this anytime soon, my attention has been on my power supply. I’ve tested to -54kV (the feed through with toroid on top flashes over at that point).

Made by MDC, 3.38” stainless steel.

Some notes:

Borosilicate sacrificial glass inside to protect the viewport (2.75” conflat).
Custom made stainless steel ring cathode.
Gaskets are Viton.
It has a 2.75in conflat to KF25 adapter on the bottom.

You’ll DEFINITELY need to come up with a solution to cool this thing as it gets HOT FAST. Once it’s hot, it’s hard to control current. My idea is to use some copper water blocks on the end plates… You’ll also need to adjust the feed through stalk to properly center the ring cathode.

Asking $1200 OBO. Shipping extra.
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