Anyone bulding in U.K. ?

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Richard Ibbotson
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Anyone bulding in U.K. ?

Post by Richard Ibbotson »

I have been lurking here for a while and while i would like to build a fusor, I have too many other unfinished projects.
I do have quite a lot of vacuum components like pumps, gauges, valves, fitting, and chambers which i will need to sell to fund other projects.
Are there any dealers or places other than eBay to sell this in U.K. where it will best make the parts available to builders of fusors or similar vacuum hacking projects?

Sorry I am not going to be a significant contributor, but many thanks to everyone who shares such exciting work and ideas here.
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Richard Hull
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Re: Anyone bulding in U.K. ?

Post by Richard Hull »

We have a number of UK folks here. You might put your goods up in our trading post and they might respond.

Richard Hull
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Luca Aldridge
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Re: Anyone bulding in U.K. ?

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Uk person here. Justin Fozzard may be interested in your stuff, talk with him here via private messages.
As Richard said, put up images etc on the forums here, it’ll make people more inclined to approach you.
Luca Aldridge
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