Hi from Illinois

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Rich Gorski
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Hi from Illinois

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Hello from Illinois (northwest of Chicago)

Hi all! I'm a new user on fusor.net although I have visited here many times in the last year to glean information about fusors. Actually I just fired up my fusor for the first time a few weeks ago. Neutrons appeared on a B10 proportional counter moderated with paraffin wax well above background although it is not yet calibrated so I can't post neutron counts at this time. No joy yet in activating silver or indium (at least nothing obvious). My system is powered by a 60kV-50mA Spellman DXR3000 supply (from a X-ray diffraction unit) and I'm electrolyzing D2 from D2O using a Horizon PEM electrolyzer cell and leaking it into the vacuum chamber through a 16 turn 100ml/min needle valve. The vacuum chamber is pumped by a gated 300 l/s diffusion pump.

My background is physics and I have extensive experience in electron optics. Now retired from recent contracts with NASA and JPL I decided to continue my interest in energy especially fusion. My interest in fusion started decades ago while working on electron gun designs for cathode ray tubes. I realized that the 30kV accelerating potential in these electron devices was all that is needed to create fusion events in a colliding deuteron beam system. Finally after all these years I'm actually doing it.

Eventually I will post images and other information as my project progresses.
Rich Gorski
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Rich Feldman
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Re: Hi from Illinois

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Welcome, fellow Rich. We look forward to seeing details of your exploits.
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Dennis P Brown
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Re: Hi from Illinois

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To start it would be a good idea to post pictures and some details of your fusor device & support equipment; a pic of the plasma (if you have a window port) and any/all vacuum/electrical parameters you can measure for said plasma. This will start you on the road to getting into the neutron club.
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