Greetings from Pennsylvania

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Greetings from Pennsylvania

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Good evening everyone, my name is John Auerbach and I am an amateur fusor enthusiast (undergraduate physics and math at Penn State) currently working with a graduate student on our own reactor. I joined around 2 years into the project and have only been here to work on building the current variation of the system, though I feel like I am gaining a tremendous amount of experience. I originally planned out the designs for my own fusor in high school but the materials required were quite pricey. I am happy to finally be able to work on one with a setup far better than my original plan. One of my goals is to build my own tabletop synchrotron, as this requires more rigorous calculations and models, and I believe that building and trouble shooting a fusor is an excellent way to get involved in high energy plasma and vacuum systems. I was originally inspired by Justin Atkin ('The Thought Emporium' on Youtube) as well Doug Coulter and his plans for the induction of periodically oscillating plasma spheres. I am disheartened to hear of his recent passing and offer my condolences to anybody on this forum who may have been familiar with him. Hopefully we can get our reactor operational soon, and I do have further questions that I will ask in the new user chat area about an unresearched and likely dim-witted idea I have been wondering about. It far exceeds my current prerequisite knowledge as it has much to do with advanced syncrotron physics, though I do have enough knowledge in classical mechanics and electrodynamics to at least start researching concepts in this area over the next few years. Glad to finally join the forum! Wishing everybody good luck on their current projects and future endeavors.

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Re: Greetings from Pennsylvania

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Hi John,

Your intro is a good read and very prescient to our project. Collaboration and sharing is valuable, and leads to breakthroughs.

Once we get our Fusor online, we want to bombard Boron-11 with higher energy Protons to research aneutronic fusion; this requires a Synchrotron Accelerator.

Welcome aboard, your contributions are anticipated!
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