Nuclear Fusion Engineering

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Nuclear Fusion Engineering

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this is my personal research in the field of nuclear fusion, it is a very mathematical and scientific document, I hope to be able to share it with you
Nuclear Fusion Engineering.pdf
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Richard Hull
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Re: Nuclear Fusion Engineering

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The mathematics of fusion is, indeed well developed. Thanks for sharing the document.

The precise implementation and physical embodiment of the mathematics remain a dream insofar as controlled, useful energy from fusion is concerned.

These criteria are met on a worthless micro fusion energy scale with collisions in velocity space within our fusors, rather continuously. The math's criteria are also met to unbelievably tremendous energy output for microseconds in the embodiment of the hydrogen bomb.

I all complex mathematics, to fully explain and assist in doing fusion, all symbols that are not well established constants are unknowns to be filled in by the persons "turning the crank". Some equations can be turned around if the solution is known from experiment and complex unknowns solved for. Assumption and best guesses on unknowns can easily create "flyer" results. Finally, physical unknowns deeply enmeshed in the equation must often be determined by experiment. Often, experiment, to solve accurately, just one unknown might involve tens of thousands to millions of dollars and time to seek funding and assemble the kit needed. As is seen very clearly, regardless of the mathematics, a finished, working, energy producing reactor that the electrical companies might build is not even within reach in the near future.

Again, thanks for this complete fusion physics mathematical treatment.

Richard Hull
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Re: Nuclear Fusion Engineering

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Posting useful equations relative to plasma's is a worthy endeavor and a very good starting point. Thanks for the work.

I'd like to add a few comments relative to your work here so it could reach a wider audience and be more fully appreciated by more lay readers. In respect to this goal, maybe expand more on the examples; also, using real values for the plasma/ions and then 'cracking through' said equations that you listed would go a long way in that goal. Further, a few more words on the equations used to clarify their use would be in order to improve people's understanding.

You should consider this task since it would be extremely useful for those here that like modeling plasmas - as many know, modeling plasma's just doesn't cut it when it comes to real understanding of plasma dynamics envolved.

As an example of what I'm trying to get at that is in your first real example you simply give the D.E. solution's without showing the process (yes, I know - rather nontrivial effort but most people need that in order to understand your paper if you want to enlarge your audience from a few well versed physicist.) Further, you should consider proving that the the solutions work by resubstitution - again, a good bit or extra work but would go a long way towards teaching the subject you are trying to address. Such additions would be very useful for people here who are not familiar with solving D.E.'s. Also, you reduce one of the parameters by using an approximation but do not explain the justification nor limits of said approximation - unless someone is already familiar with that parameter this would baffle most readers.

Overall, seeing real world (but highly simplified) examples would add a great deal to your paper and by expanding on the details provide a powerful learning tool for people interested in this fascinating field of electro-magnetism.

In any case, do post more often. Maybe a narrow and specific example so people here can see a plasma physics problem in its true mathematical beauty.

Finally, do consider an introduction post so we can learn some about your goals here - someone with interest and appreciation of plasma dynamics would be a good poster here and such posts would be highly appreciated.
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