Leybold d8b inernal demister.

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Leybold d8b inernal demister.

Post by ArkadiuszGibes » Wed Mar 17, 2021 7:04 am


I gotnew pump which is trivac d8b, i took it apart and i noticed that there is a kind of filter inside, after small research i found that this is the demister filter. In my pump it was completely broken. The question is, is it really important to have it in pump ? For now i just replaced it with very fine stainless steel mesh, and it works. I just wonder if i will not damage the pump in any way with that. Of course i can order the filter from leybold but it's about 40$. Also my pump has external oil filter which i can get from car parts shop for few $ - and i will replace it.

Does anyone have some experience with those kinds of internal filters ? Maybe there is some material that i could use to replace it, and it would work much better than my fine stainless steel mesh ?


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