Table of Isotopes

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Table of Isotopes

Post by Richard Hull » Thu May 08, 2008 6:34 pm

The "Table of Isotopes" by Lederer, Hollander and Perlman, 1968, Wiley, 6th edition.

This is a book you can't read. It is chocked full of data, tables and energy level diagrams, etc. Probably the best compendium around for the complete isotopes and all radiations emmanating therefrom.

Not for the casual amateur, but more for the instrumentalist and neutron activator type guy who is very serious and doesn't want to have to go online for every scrap of data needed. It takes a while for the unwashed, but committed activationalist to get used to the level diagrams. Take heart, however, there are standard tabulated data in the front of the book that are much more straight forward and by comparing the two for the same isotope one picks up on how the level diagrams are deciphered.

A one of a kind item for the rad freak. I have two hard bound copies, (one to show and one to go). The book was also printed in soft cover and as such, you can have this for $25.00 to $100. The hardback copies start about $70 and go up in price fast. The hardbound edition is large, almost 12" X 10".

Again, you have to be serious and committed to make the high used price digestable.

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