Piezo-Electric HV Transformers: Very Nice HV Building Block

For the design and construction details of ion guns, necessary for more advanced designs and lower vacuums.
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Piezo-Electric HV Transformers: Very Nice HV Building Block

Post by lutzhoffman » Fri Jun 18, 2010 3:01 am


I tried to find these in the market after reading that the Berkeley folks were working on a 400KV Neutron source powered by piezo electric transformers, coupled to a standard Cockroft and Walton voltage multiplier circuit. These transformers would seem to have a lot of advantages which could be very useful to our community in many ways. I am sure that we will see higher power versions of these available soon.

For myself I like the idea of using this setup to provide the extraction high voltage for my ion source. My ion source will go inside of a HV terminal, so space is at a premium as well. These have a very small footprint. The standard modules will provide about 1KV, at up to 5ma, in the form of a perfect high frequency (20-80KHz) sine wave output, which is perfect for feeding a voltage multiplier.

According to the Berkeley folks these can be paralleled for higher powers. In addition they offer superb HV isolation, unlike most traditional transformers. The last big plus is that these are near immune to any form of electromagnetic fields etc. Well enough of my thoughts, here is the "meat" enjoy :
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Re: Piezo-Electric HV Transformers: Very Nice HV Building Block

Post by John Futter » Fri Jun 18, 2010 7:59 am

Not cheap and very little power
great if you are building a mass spec though or wanting a potential for a focusing lens etc

PS will post pics soon for 200kV X-Ray block using those diodes you mentioned from China 2CLM2 (I think) I got work to buy 1000 of them
they will be better than the failed ones in the Glassmans as they come up for service after too many arc overs.
Had the four filament trannys in series ( for 100kVstand off{in oil} delivering the filament power for the tube up today, power transfer 30% ( I'm very pleased with this), and I have wound the CW multiplier transformer. Primary 8 turns secondary 550 turns all setup for 15 volts per turn @ 32 kHz.

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