Another Tubbs Special: The MOltaplier, 300kV edition.

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Another Tubbs Special: The MOltaplier, 300kV edition.

Post by RobertTubbs » Thu Jan 31, 2013 8:41 am

Got bored afew months back and decided I "needed" to build a 10-stage mains frequency multiplier good to about 300kV @ tens of mA. Also, I didn't want to spend more than about $50 or so, so I went and collected the carcasses of afew microwaves for their guts. Using a Pole-Piglet (potential transformer) graciously donated by Carl to various prior causes I instant-epoxied about 60 microwave oven capacitors to two, 4'x6" PVC pipes and strung 50 microwave oven diodes (12-15kV @ 200-500mA) between them. I added a glass break from a broken window to the mix to help keep down the carbon tracking. Make no mistake while this was largely for fun there was perhaps the intention of eventually chasing some PB11/PB10/PF/Uber-DD reactions.

When first tested I was pulling 70,000V out of this hysterical bad-boy with only 30V on the Variac which fed a 110/14400 Pole-Piglet, so far I've pushed it to about 150kV without having to cross my legs. I'm comfortable for now I think.

Though the power supply was finished, and performs marvelously well, I've done nothing with it and almost surely never will now due to bigger toys being available. It's still great to scare company with or get that fresh-rain smell going when you haven't showered in awhile.

Included are some pictures of the assembly and a link to a YouTube Video of it arcing through a 7Megohm Ballast. ---LINK: :LINK:---


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Re: Another Tubbs Special: The MOltaplier, 300kV edition.

Post by Richard Hull » Thu Jan 31, 2013 4:29 pm

Wow! I'm impressed. Lotsa' energy in that puppy.

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Re: Another Tubbs Special: The MOltaplier, 300kV edition.

Post by tbogusiak » Sat Feb 02, 2013 6:59 am

Even if you don't find a real use for it, it'd make a good display piece either way, it's a pretty impressive looking multiplier stack

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