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Finally here

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Hello everyone, I'm Luca a material science student, I have known this forum for a long time, but I have been a lurker in the background reading about fusion and all of this amateur science since I was 15, I finally decided to join because in the last few years, I have been able to progress in this hobby quite a bit, and so I no longer see fusion (that has always been my final goal) as a very far reality.

In these years I have experimented a lot with high voltage building HV power supply and have gained some practical experience with radioprotection, x-ray, radiation measurement, Geiger, and similar stuff.

A lot of this has come by building a working X-ray diffraction machine ( idk if you are interested, but I can share some of that) and lately, as my graduation project (I'm in the third year at university) I'm designing and building an electron gun (also would like to post about that), with this work, I'm learning practical information about medium/high vacuum and have access to some turbos, so now I feel more prepared to pursue fusion.

Unfortunately here in Europe it is harder to come by vacuum material technology, but I'm slowly accumulating some stuff. Also up to now, I have been more on the superficial information about fusion, reading some posts/discussions and pages, but now that fusion is a real possibility I want to go deeper into it, both theoretically and on the engineering side, and I think that this forum is the best place for that.
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Re: Finally here

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Welcome Luca! Your fusion goal is certainly attainable. Just don't give up, and you will do it!

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Re: Finally here

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Any x-ray project you built is of interest here. Do post. Also, as you progress on the electron gun project, post updates on that as well. We have a very diverse group here with many interests.
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