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Proper Introduction

Post by Allen_Rice »

Hello users,

My name is Allen J. Rice, but if you want to be a bit more casual, you can just go with AJ. Have been working with high pressure and control systems for about a year now. I'm an engineering student. My major is in Mechanical Engineering, with a focus on propulsion. Although the majority of my projects connect to liquid rocketry, nuclear fusion has always been an interest. I'm currently at the beginning of my nuclear fusor project. I have done a fair bit of research through the forums here as well as on the interwebs. I have the first basic design concept CAD, but I have a feeling that the final device will look nothing like what the design looks like now. many more iterations to get through.

Other projects I am either researching, have on the back burner, let live rent free in my mind, or are currently involved in are right here:
- Liquid gas generator (ideally nitrogen but its being a little ***** right now)
- Planetary gearbox actuator
- Regeneratively cooled rocket engine
- Lander Vehicle (for the CPLC challenge)
- Space Liquid Rocket
- Cyclotron
- Biometric Gun
- Hydroponic Farm (strawberries, yum)
- toilet that shoots fire at you when you try to defecate in it then it calls you a slur.

Yeah. probably more information than you needed but you get a picture of my interests.

Most of these projects are actually things I have already or currently am designing. I can't start building a lot of them because I don't have a lot of money right now. The fusor project is actually in a very similar boat, where I'm really just doing research and creating conceptual designs. Eventually I should be able to turn one of the conceptual designs into a preliminary and start working on a budget for the device. And then as soon as internship money comes in, use that to fund the construction of a star in my garage.

But anyway, that's where I'm at.
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Re: Proper Introduction

Post by Paul_Schatzkin »

Welcome, AJ, and thank you for that very detailed introduction.

Sound like you've got a lot of plates spinning there!

I am pleased to hear that you have found this site useful and look forward to your contributions to come.

Good luck!

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Re: Proper Introduction

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Having goals and projects is useful but creating massive numbers of unrelated projects is a recipe for getting none done successfully. Some that you suggest require massive and extremely expensive/complex equipment. I'd recommend paring that list down to one project that really interests you and that you have a source for the components.

I built a regenerative cooler system and that can be done using old refrigerators (in High School), and other equipment easy to obtain. However, liquefying nitrogen is a difficult goal.

One of our better posters is developing the equipment/design for a low cost fusor - but even that will likely be $1000.
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Re: Proper Introduction

Post by Richard Hull »

Welcome Allen

It's great to have goals. Hopefully, it keeps you moving and thinking. Landing on one of them hard is likely to see you reach it.

I know two or three guys who have many projects in progress. Stuff laying all around, half finished, but they say I'll get around to it.
I have done many projects to completion and a lot more on my drawing board and have the gear to see them through. I would far prefer to never start a project than to drop it in mid-stream. The image of all those other guys "half-dones" remains in my mind.

All the best in whatever you do in future.

Richard Hull
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