FAQ - Extensive paper on neutron activation

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Re: FAQ - Extensive paper on neutron activation

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"You, as a person with a fusor, will never, ever be able to chemically extract any isotope that you produce via activation."
you are saying this because it requires complex process like isotopic separation ,thats difficult for an amateur is it easy if i use a single isotope and take out the activation product
share ur experience of what difficulty ,i will face while separating the isotope from activation, ive learned lot from ur pdfs and posts, please enlighten me
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Re: FAQ - Extensive paper on neutron activation

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Liam and I have been trying to get you to solve the equation. No fusor you will ever build will ever produce more than 10-50 n/sqcm/s. Even this is doubtful. Solve for whatever element you want in a 2 gram thin foil. Assume 25 n/sqcm/s. No amateur fusor can run more than 20 minutes at full tilt. (Assume 4 minute exposure at peak 25n/sqcm/s bombardment flux)
You will find the number of atoms to be produced of such a miniscule number, coupled with the time needed to separate and dry any desired residue. would gobble up your effort to the point of non-detectability or of no real use in any other radiological experiment with the purified isotope.

If you can't turn the crank on the equation to obtain the result, then you are doomed to never see the folly of the concept of chemical isolation and separation of the radioisotope created.

In short, this is left as an exercise for the student.

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Re: FAQ - Extensive paper on neutron activation

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An online copy of the book Guide to activation analysis by Lyon, W. S. (William S.), which Richard Hull references in this thread, is available at archive.org.
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