Neutron Detector

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Ibrahim A Ozcan
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Neutron Detector

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I have a semi to nearly complete fusor setup, running D-D fusion at around 30kv 10ma. I couldn't fully get it to run yet, still, some leaks I need to find. Anyways, a final piece of my reactor setup is the neutron detector. Now like others, I'm not the most adept with electronics and don't really know how to construct counter circuits, biases, or well, a whole lot about neutron detection (apart from theory, and general circuitry overview), Nor do I have the largest budget.
So now onto my request, is anyone willing to sell me a neutron detector setup?, or at the least a CHM-11 CHM-14 tube which I might be able to connect to a Ludlum 3 like I've seen some people refrence as a valid way of neutron detection. I live in Australia, NSW, and would be willing to pay for shipping, though if it all passes my budget which is around 400 USD, I'm not sure I could physically afford it (the price I paid for shipping cost almost as much as the fusor itself :( )
PM me, or respond to the thread if you have a unit available.

Thank you
Daniel Harrer
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Re: Neutron Detector

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You can buy a CHM/SNM-14 here: ... nm-14.html
I only ordered there once, but it arrived as expected.
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