Some bits and pieces I found in my files

This section contains files, photos, and commentary by Philo or those who have worked with, known him, or are related to him.
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Some bits and pieces I found in my files

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I attach 6 graph paper sheets from Robert Hirsch data reduction on the early Cave fusor. I will not micro analyze this data as it is too scattered about the 1965 early operation.

I will note a few things. They had not started using Tritium yet. All work was with Deuterium only. In some of the graphs we see they did apply voltages and recorded runs that peaked out at 130kv. this was near the limit of their third and final best universal voltronics supply system.

Super high pressures never exceeded 4 microns with 2-3 microns more normal. At the higher voltages this would be a norm.

There is a great sheet devoted to the tests of an ion gun of which they had 4 at first and later 6. Note the reported ratio being no higher than .014 for ion output/beam current versus current applied to the gun for ionizing and extractor acceleration in one test. It was far less on other tests.

Those of us in the know, realize that in spite of their ability to supply pure deuteron beams, ion guns of the pigatron type represent and tremendous energy drain in any system and are typically grossly inefficient.

It is to be remembered Hirsch showed up in the spring/summer of 64 as a guest researcher and a full employee in 1965. The cave was an afterthought and assembled in a month according to Meeks. Meeks was immediately assigned to Hirsch and 1965 was a year of getting their "sea legs" working in the cave.

Make of these data sheets what you will. For Deuterium only this work was not too bad. Meeks and Hirsch noted in my interviewing them that at the highest voltages a lot of arcing and failure issues plagued such runs, requiring week long fixes and work before tests could continue.

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