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I’m Peter, currently a junior studying mechanical engineering. I recently became quite interested in fusion as I am passionate about clean energy, and I love the potential fusion has to change our energy landscape.

I hope to eventually get a Master’s in plasma physics and work in fusion energy as a career, but for now, I’ve decided I NEED to build my own fusor.

I will be doing research and deciding on a design soon, I’m interested in manufacturing as many of the components as I can on my own, of course excluding the complicated bits that would probably be cheaper to just buy outright.

I look forward to participating in these forums and I appreciate the work done by those before me to document their successes and failures!
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Dennis P Brown
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Re: Hello!

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First, welcome. You certainly have a good background academically so reading and getting the most from all the FAQ's for info on building/operating a fusor should be a snap. Glad you want to participate here at the forum. Look forward to your posts.
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Re: Hello!

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Hey there Peter! Great to have you on the forums! I'm a fellow junior, focusing on Electrical Engineering. Looks like we're in the perfect spot to soak up knowledge from seasoned pros who really know their stuff. Looking forward to seeing your Fusor come to light.

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