hello there !

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Nacim maamri
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hello there !

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Hello everybody
my name is nacim. I am from Algiers, Algeria.
I am an electronics repairer
I'm here hoping to find some help
I am working on the repair of a spectrometer, the beryllium detector window "be window" is broken.
I'm looking for advice on where to buy the glass and how to successfully glue it
thank you in advance for your help
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Richard Hull
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Re: hello there !

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The detector is an x-ray detector and the window is thin beryllium metal and cannot use glass as a substitute. You would have to buy a new tube. There is no repair on the tube. Sorry.

Richard Hull
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Re: hello there !

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You can find beryllium xray windows on ebay from time to time.

There was a thread on fusor.net in the past about how to replace them. (Using a very thin layer of epoxy to glue them into place.)

You would need to find a window that has very similar dimensions to the broken Be window you have now. The window thickness is likely one of the critical dimensions I would expect, as that likely has a significant impact on the transmission characteristics of the window. Be x-ray windows are generally very thin.

To say it is impossible to repair, is likely incorrect.

Exceedingly difficult to do well. Sure. Possibly requiring equipment and materials and knowledge you don't have easy access to? Sure.

Is it possible, maybe even likely that you might irreversibly damage the spectrometer whilst attempting the repair ? Yes.

But impossible to repair?



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