High voltage gauge

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High voltage gauge

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Has anyone used this type of gauge before/has any information on one similar? Thanks

https://www.ebay.com/itm/162136923463?c ... efdaf3409e
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Re: High voltage gauge

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Never buy such a meter!
This meter will require electronics to read this voltage. The meter is valueless to anyone in the world of amateur fusion.

It says it is a 5ma movement. If you tried to pull 5 ma through a dropping resistor the resistor wattage would have to be 500 watts!!!
No, this is read by a dropping train resistor pulling 50ua or less requiring a dropping resistor of only 5 watts. Then, the 50ua current would go into a op amp that is scaled to give 5ma output to the meter at 100kv on the input to the 50ua resistor string. Far too complex for the neophyte asking questions like you.

Richard Hull
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