IEC Fusion Records

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Liam David
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IEC Fusion Records

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Just for reference, these are the highest D-D neutron yields I've found in the literature for a typical glow discharge device. Screenshot from

iec records 2.png
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Richard Hull
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Re: IEC Fusion Records

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15kw, 20kw and 6.4kw power supplies needed to do this work respectively. Wow! We are way out of that league!
I have run up to 1kw on one occasion but my best runs are at about 45kv@ 16ma, (720 watts)

Richard Hull
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Bob Reite
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Re: IEC Fusion Records

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Amazing that they did not fry their grids. I don't dare go above 1 KW input on my fusor.
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Frank Sanns
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Re: IEC Fusion Records

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These are not wire grids. They use machined pieces and flat washer type grids.

Larger diameter plasma electrodes also allow for much higher power inputs. Pointed electrodes individually can also be configured to be not such a point and get some pretty high powers. See Sanns and Rosenstiel respectively.
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