How much are those old pumps worth?

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How much are those old pumps worth?

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so years ago I started to build a fusor but had to stop, because I was a poor student and couldn't afford it. Now I want to sell everything. I have a lot of stuff I collected for free (mostly) from my universities physics lab.

I made pictures of everything:
  • Several liters of oil purchased at the shop of my universities physics departement. Question: How long does this stay good?
  • Bunch of stuff like valves, pipes etc.
  • Turbovac SL 80: I bought this one. It worked up until 1e-6 iirc, don't know how high it goes because the guy didn't had a better measurement device.
  • Edwards RV12
  • 2 x Alcatel 2012 A
  • Trivac S4b/DS
  • MKS HPS P101P-1040: Bought this as tested. It worked but I never was able to test the full range of it.
The Turbovac SL 80 was stored in a workshop for 3-4 years. All the other stuff was stored in there as well but apparently also in a garage like thing, so they were exposed to temperature changes and a lot of dirt.

I wanna sell it all. I think I bought the Turbovac SL 80 back then for around 350$ and the MKS HPS for something like 40$ if I remember correctly.

Can someone please help me judge the worth of it. I don't want to just guess. Most of the stuff needs a lot of work to get it working again, so if the worth is 0$, that's fine as well.


Thanks in advance. I'm based in Switzerland, if that somehow matters.
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