Randy's demo fusor

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Randy Van Buskirk
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Randy's demo fusor

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Here's the demo fusor I put together last year.
Demo Fusor.jpg

I used an Oil burner ignition xfmr with a few microwave diodes to get about 6000 volts
Demo Fusor Obit.jpg

The chamber is a pyrex cylinder clamped together by two aluminum plates with some 1/4 inch bolts.
You can't quite see it but the feedthru is a sparkplug drilled and tapped into the aluminum base and then epoxied in.
Everything but the vacuum pump is attached to a piece of 1/4 inch black plexiglass.
The high voltage area is then surrounded by clear plexiglass.
A couple of mini voltmeters and the appropriate resistors give you the milliamps and kilovolts.
A 901P via the internal RS232 gives the pressure, shown on a homemade arduino Oled display board. (Thanks go out to Finn Hammer)
The 1/4 inch tubing with valve was added to experiment with other gases. (Not yet tried out)
I'm using a Welch 1402 for now but hope to get a smaller HVAC vacuum pump so it can be easily transported, and maybe take it over to the middle school for some show and tell for my granddaughter's class.

Here's a run at 22 micron, 2600V, 12.74ma
Demo Fusor 22 micron.jpg

Randy Van Buskirk
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Richard Hull
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Re: Randy's demo fusor

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A nice demo fusor setup. Clean and neat with electrical metering. Good job!

Richard Hull
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