LabJack U3 Dashboard

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LabJack U3 Dashboard

Post by Steven Sesselmann » Tue Oct 05, 2021 2:06 am

Hi Guys,

Long time no speak, hope you are all safe and well (as safe as reasonably expected considering the usual high voltage and radiation hazards 😂)

I have been doing some work on a dashboard for the LabJack U3, which some of you might find useful. The program is written in Python and will (should) run on all platforms Windows, Mac or Linux. You will need a bit of understanding of how to install Python and launch the program, as it is not a simple .exe app, but most of the younger guys know how to do that.

To run the program you have to have a Labjack connected to the USB port then, build the code and point your browser to the server IP address. (the whole program runs in a browser).

The Labjack is a low cost DAC and great for remotely controlling your fusor.

The program has 4 analogue inputs, one counter channel and two analogue outputs, so you can monitor voltage, current and vacuum, count neutrons and control voltage and pressure.

The current version is a beta version, so check back for updates as I fix bugs and improve functionality.

All instrument names and calibrations can be customised to suit your experiment.

The code is free to download from the Github repository:

Would love to know if anyone finds it useful or has suggestions on how to improve it.

Steven Sesselmann

PS: I have no association with Labjack.
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