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Base level source - PEM cell related items

Posted: Sun May 02, 2021 7:02 am
by Richard Hull
Due to a recent construction forum FAQ post with great videos on how to use the "reversible" PEM fuel cell module to make one's own deuterium gas from Heavy water, I attach the following URL. ... MbEALw_wcB

It is key to obtain a reversible cell and not the common one way power type fuel cell. see the videos for a complete video based explanation of how to save a bit of money and hassle trying to obtain tanked cylinders of high pressure deuterium gas. At the above site go to the accessories page to obtain most all of the supplies in the videos.

Richard Hull

Re: Base level source - PEM cell related items

Posted: Sun May 02, 2021 12:41 pm
by Rex Allers
I disagree about a reversible cell being key.

A reversible cell can be used to make deuterium, no problem. But for this application we only need the electrolyzer function. There are cells dedicated for this and in my current searches for vendors, the electrolyzers seem to be a little bit cheaper than reversable.

Here's the best value I've found from the company that makes them... ... unit/p1173

I don't really know, but looking at them I don't see any visible difference between the reversible and the electrolyzer. Maybe there is a difference in the membrane but I can't see it.

Re: Base level source - PEM cell related items

Posted: Sun May 02, 2021 12:58 pm
by Rex Allers
Here's the longer form of my recent vendor searches.

Small PEM Cells and D2O
Working links in 2021:

Some intro notes:
Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies seems to be behind the little fuel cells some of us have adapted for deuterium production. Their main website:
seems, now, to only be about commercial fuel cell things.

Today I found they have another web site:
that is the source for the small PEM cells we like.
They also seem to have the best prices.

For D2 we only need the electrolyzer function. These dedicated cells seem to also be cheaper than the reversable ones.

In my searches, I have only looked at the listed prices as of today (30-Apr-2021). I haven't compared any shipping charges.

Horizon Educational --
Electrolyzer -- $49 ... unit/p1173

Fuel Cell Earth
Reversable -- $65 ... uel-cells/

Horizon PEM Blue Electrolyzer -- $54 ... ctrolyzer/

Fuel Cell Store

Note: This was where I bought in about 2015. Their small PEM cells now look to be a different design from the original Horizon devices. I'm not sure if there are any pros or cons to this different design. They also seem to be more expensive.

Electrolyzer -- $80 ... ell-5-e103

Deuterium oxide
United Nuclear --
D2O -- $90 (for 100 g) - larger and smaller amounts are available ... cts_id=135