Base level source - High voltage components, parts

Links to primary sources of hardware and other materials for the amateur scientist for assembly and operation of a fusion system. General useful supplies for the experimenter are also allowed. Make title specific to the URL supplied with any needed information.
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Base level source - High voltage components, parts

Post by Richard Hull » Fri Apr 30, 2021 5:13 am

I am loath to post this one. The reason being, we will be asked by a hundred newbies if this of that supply or component is good for a fusor. To use this source wisely, you must be proficient in high voltage supply construction and design. Lots of great, hard to get components at suitable prices for those capable and driven to make their own HV fusor supplies.

Note: this site caters to a lot of folks off in their own little world of spirit hunting, UFO hunting, divining, etc. However, this firm has been around since hector was a pup and are just following their American capitalist dream in supplying all who visit their site, from the guys with tin foil hats to serious builders of scientific gear. Gotta' feed the crazies and collect their money as well as take the dough from those who are amateur scientists and professionals. Sort of the ideal of covering all bases without regard to mental status of folks with cash in hand. I am just glad they don't sell dynamite.

Bottom line they have really good, usable HV stuff if you have the smarts to use it wisely and safely in your effort to make a suitable fusor supply.

I think in a number of past forum postings, Information Unlimited's URL has been posted. Now, it is in a great location for all future folk here to go to with ease.

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