Base Level source - useful Chemicals, sprays, etc.

Links to primary sources of hardware and other materials for the amateur scientist for assembly and operation of a fusion system. General useful supplies for the experimenter are also allowed. Make title specific to the URL supplied with any needed information.
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Base Level source - useful Chemicals, sprays, etc.

Post by Richard Hull » Thu Mar 18, 2021 3:41 pm

Sources for useful chemicals, powders and sprays including fluorescent materials are often needed in our work. please reply with your choice information here within this thread.

In working with older NIM modules and any electronics that is surplus and sitting around for years that have rotary or pushbutton switches, dirty contacts can foul or inhibit operation. Rotary switches are frozen, etc.

Frozen rotary switches are best dealt with by removing the knob and spritzing some WD-40 on the shaft at the bronze bushing. It is best to let the shaft point to the sky to let the lubricant flow in via gravity. Let this soak for a while and the switch should free up. Note: one free and moving again, place 1 single drop of a light oil, like 3 and 1 oil, at the same location as WD-40 will dry up and a drop of oil will now keep the shaft in a good condition. DO NOT over spray or over oil.

For large pushbutton complex switches that are balky in making secure contacts, use a product spray like Kontakt 60, Chloro-Kleen, or other spray designed to clean contacts and leave no residue. You should work the pushbutton rapidly as you spray to get the contacts moving over the spray fluid as it evaporates almost immediately. (which is what you want).

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