Base level source: electronics supplies, components

Links to primary sources of hardware and other materials for the amateur scientist for assembly and operation of a fusion system. General useful supplies for the experimenter are also allowed. Make title specific to the URL supplied with any needed information.
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Base level source: electronics supplies, components

Post by Richard Hull » Sat Feb 27, 2021 7:37 am

These are but a smattering of suppliers

The first three are general cool suppliers of potpourri. Much of what they offer is great surplus items and lucky lots they come across in limited quantities. Thus, it may not be there long. If you like it, buy it as it may be gone in a day, a week or a month. I use Marlin P. Jones to the tune of about $1000 per year! (Arduino goodies and supplies from LCD digital displays, tools, Servo and stepper motors and controllers.)
All electronics is a good broad based source of electronics. with a full catalog offered via mail. Marlin P. Jones sends out a partial catalog via mail. Regularly to regular returning customers.

The last two above supply individual electronic components....Resistors, IC's, capacitors, inductors, etc.

I have personally used all of the above suppliers for years with no complaints or slip-ups by any of them.

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