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Base level source: Vacuum goodies, suppliers

Posted: Sat Feb 27, 2021 6:47 am
by Richard Hull

Both of these are great sources and can deal with small orders from private individuals (over $25) Both get a decent pound of flesh for shipping, however. Kurt Lesker is a bit high end and doesn't welcome private smaller orders, thus, they are not listed. However if you have thousands of dollars and want a fusor custom assembled welded and vacuum tested and sealed to 10e-6 torr or better, Lesker would be an ideal solution.

Duniway is extremely helpful beyond all reason in locating gaskets or rebuild kits of odd pumps in repair scenarios. Their prices are pure list for all their vast range of vacuum materials. They were my reliable go-to vendor in the beginning (1997) and I still frequently use them.

However, LDS is a bit less pricey, (just a bit), and do, on many items, offer a special stated discount price. I tend to use them for high priced items which are often discounted.

Both of the above will always supply primo, unused vacuum fittings.

E-bay can be a great source of vacuum gear at hyper low prices or E-bay can be the very hateful bane of your existence. You are not dealing with a trusted entity in E-bay. You are dealing with an unknown entity in spite of 100% satisfaction rating, although that helps. Conflats may show up with gouged knife edges, etc. Buyer beware here.

Richard Hull