Base Level Source - Radiation detectors

Links to primary sources of hardware and other materials for the amateur scientist for assembly and operation of a fusion system. General useful supplies for the experimenter are also allowed. Make title specific to the URL supplied with any needed information.
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Base Level Source - Radiation detectors

Post by Richard Hull » Sat Nov 13, 2021 10:18 pm

The one major source of brand new Geiger tubes, BF3 and 3He proportional neutron detectors in LND Inc. The prices are within reason and normal to the industry.
Used detectors are like use Turbo pumps.... A pig in a poke, usually. E-bay is one of the better places to look. With the collapse of the old soviet union and their effort to protect a nervous citizenry in the 80's and 90's following the Chernobyl disaster, countless billions of moderately well done Geiger tubes flooded the market as surplus. Prices were incredibly low as they sought US dollars. All of this is over now, price wise, but the flood remains unabated. The standard STS-5 Beta Gamma tube is still found in quantity and is still very inexpensive. It helps is all such Russian tubes offered are new and in box. Just remember, used on new radiation detectors should be bought with a good bit of background knowledge and electronics skills.

One of the best 2" pancake GM detectors is LND's 7311. (note: easily damaged by ham fisted hands and a suitable screen is demanded to protect the mica window!) Its specs found at ... ubes/7311/

Complete GM counters are being offered with modern LCD screens with amazingly low prices! If you are willing to pour $300 out for a counter, a number of amazingly fabulous offerings are to be had.

Note: First quality neutron counters, ready to count begin around $5000. Never, ever invest any money in any hand head counter that claims to detect and count neutrons. Some of these little worthless monsters can cost $2000 or more. They serve more to let you know there are neutrons about rather than do quantitative counting.

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