VERY IMPORTANT Posting Rules for This Forum

This section contains files, photos, and commentary by Philo or those who have worked with, known him, or are related to him.
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VERY IMPORTANT Posting Rules for This Forum

Post by Frank Sanns » Thu Feb 20, 2020 5:49 pm

VERY IMPORTANT. Please post FULL size photos here. DO NOT shrink them to save space on the site.

The contributions here are historical and we may only get one chance at this so if you have something, put it here full size. I have raised the maximum single file size up to 20 MB which should take care of even audio files or some videos.

Moderators are the ONLY ones to post here. If you have a contribution, please contact a moderator for approval before you post.

This is an archive and not a discussion area. If there is something here that you want to comment on, please start a new thread in one of the other areas of the site.

Thank you.

Frank Sanns

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